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I would definitely recommend Maia to anyone whose eager to increase their conversion rates for their apps or products.”
John Smith
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A complete solution - All you need to apply VR in your clinical practice.

Flexible - More than 70 treatments environments and 1000 possible situations

Effective - A Cambridge studies point that applying VR exposure in your therapy is more effective, faster and practical

Developed by psychologists for all mental health professionals, based on more than 20 years of scientific studies 

Differentiate - Recent studies show applying VR Therapy increase the retention rate in 30% and attract  more patients

Easy to use - No need previous installation or technical knowledge

What mental health professionals think about us

"I recommend Psious, since it adapts to the needs of the professional, to the type of patient and is always open to receiving new proposals"

Dr. Ariadna Torres, PhD

Dr. Terry Hayes, PhD

"I would absolutely recommend the Psious platform to any practitioner for serious consideration. The effectiveness of the Psious platform and the Virtual Reality exposure immersion therapy is really impressive"

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How is the online product demo?

It is live and online, where a member of our team will show you how the Psious platform works and will tell you about all the advantages it offers.

Each demo is personalized for each person and practice.

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Psious Platform

Biofeedback Sensor 

Virtual Reality Headset

Find out our last generation all-in-one solution to apply VR Therapy and enhance your clinical practice

· Anxiety

Help patients with VRET, improve your therapy success and patient satisfaction treating different conditions:


· Eating Disorders



· Mindfulness

· Phobias

· Pain Distraction


· Insomnia

· Fear of Flying

· Fear of Driving

· Bullying



Different Parameters for Each ScenarioControl everything your patient experience during the session, with personalized variables for each environment

Real-time Physiological Responses - Our biofeedback sensor measure and record anxiety levels during the virtual reality exposure session

Complete Report at Every SessionAnalyse the evolution and responses produced by the therapy with the automatic report generated after every session

Training and Learning Resources Use the several webinars, courses, manuals, videos and clinical studies that Psious offers to improve the effectiveness of your therapy


Some of our projects and Award-Winning scientific studies

Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression, autism and schizophrenia

VR application to treat drug craving by cue exposure therapy and develop an
assessment tool for testing the VR effects

Perioperative estrategies for anxiety and pain management

Mobile Word Capital Barcelona prize for technological innovation

At the 6th R + D + I ICT Health and Social (2016)

Best communication for Adult ADHD VR Mindfulness Treatment through Virtual Reality Mindfulness

At XXXII Day of Behavior Therapy and Behavioral Medicine in Clinical Practice (2018)

AEPNYA Researchers Award

By the Spanish Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AEPNYA) (2017

Best poster project 

At the 8th R+D+I Health and Social (2018)

Why Psious ?

2000+ mental health professionals uses Psious

14000+ patients treated 

Customer support

Continuous clinical studies, resources and training

Measure your patients progress

Easy implementation and constant improvements

· Relaxation

Treat Anxiety, Fears and PhobiasWith VR immersion therapy treat your patient affliction in a controlled environment and help then to have a better life quality

Stress ManagementImprove your patient's life quality by managing stress and lowering anxiety with our relaxation and mindfulness scenarios 

The Power of VR TherapyBrain emotional command center responds to stressors in a matter of milliseconds even when the patient knows it isn't real

More control and less logistics With VR Therapy you have more control on what your patient experience without the necessity to move to another location

We conduct rigorous clinical trials with key institutions worldwide

Some of our colabolators are


· Acrophobia

· Depresion