Enhance your therapy with Virtual Reality Environments

Get training and support to become a Virtual Reality expert 

Psious psychologists' team will quickly and effectively train you without the need of moving from your office. Thanks to their daily online training and monthly courses, you'll quickly become an expert on VR.

Moreover, we provide clinical case examples, marketing support and personized attention at any moment, either by phone or by chat.

Ready to enhance your therapy?

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"I would absolutely recommend the Psious platform to any practitioner for serious consideration. It's fun and exciting to use and clients will tell you the same thing"


Licensed psychologist and health service provider at Cranberry Counseling. 

Massachusetts, United States 

Private practitioner specialized in helping people learn to overcome anxiety, panic attacks, and fears or phobias. 

San Francisco, United States


"Psious is a complementary tool designed to improve your therapies and increase the satisfaction of your patients. But always remember - you are the most important part of therapy"

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Treat more patients. In less time. In a more effective way.

Thanks to the pre-recorded sessions that Psious offers, you'll reduce the preparation times of your consultation.

In addition, you'll be able to send "homework" to your patients, so that they can move forward into new environments from their home. 

Did you think about making group sessions?

With Psious possibilities multiply.

Immerse your patient into the desired circumstance 

In-vivo exposition or imagination are great techniques. 

Thanks to them and to the latest technology in virtual reality, the engineers and psychologists that form Psious have been capable to recreate spaces and daily life situations: overcrowded squares,  about-to-take-off planes, huge spiders on your hand, imaginary calm worlds or the most beautiful full-of-dolphins ocean floors.

Just to mention some of them.

Thanks to Psious environments, your patient will only need the virtual reality headset to face or enjoy the situation that you, as a mental health professional, have decided as the most suitable to use in that moment.

Finding new patients? 

Retaining your patients' loyalty?

Improving adherence to your therapy? 

Treating more patients in less time?

What if I tell you this is all possible thanks to a unique and easy-to-use tool?

More than 500 psychologists and psychiatrists in the United Kingdom and United States have already enhanced their therapies with Psious.

What are you waiting for?